9 months...already??

It's hard to believe that Layla is nine months old today!  In the craziness of our last few months, I missed her eight month birthday and post.  I will try to catch up.  Beware.

December was a blur.  Three Christmas parties, a week in Atlanta, and then two and a half weeks in Germany.  On Layla's eight month birthday, we were frantically trying to pack up our house to take with us on our journey.  For those of you with little ones, you know traveling changes drastically when you start hauling them with you.  But it's their stuff...ALL OF THE STUFF...that is just ridiculous.  So we folded, shoved, crammed, smashed and stuffed what we could.  Clothes, diapers, toys, wipes, food, snacks, shoes, a car seat and base, pack'n'play, stroller, stroller cover thingy, and who knows what else.  D and I managed to bring some clothes too.  Although, I am not sure how.  Anyway, we did it.  A week in Atlanta, another hotel, a Christmas party, and then two and a half fabulous weeks in Stuttgart.

D's family was so excited to meet Layla.  Oma and Opa Grammatikos were the only ones who had seen her in person so far.  She was so happy and loved to play and show off her skills to everyone.  Although, while we were there, she completely forgot how to eat fruit and vegetables, and only ate pretzels, noodles, spaetzle, mushrooms (ok, there is ONE), and bread.  She did try a ton of new stuff though, and seemed to like most of it.  Her German got much better, also.  Now there are some things she only responds to in German, and others English.  The upside is this means my German is getting better, too!

My family joined us for the first week and half or so.  We toured Stuttgart and a couple of small towns and Christmas markets, visited the Mercedes-Benz museum, and just enjoyed hanging out with D's family.  They headed back to KC, and we had a few more days with everyone. New Year's Eve in Germany is kind of like the Fourth of July for us.  Tons of fireworks at midnight!  It's a blast.  No professional stuff, just everyone shooting off their own.  And Layla managed to sleep through all of it!

It was really a great vacation.  We were so sad to leave everyone.  Thank goodness for Skype!  And pictures. I try to send them a photo every day or so. We were pretty happy to be home, though.  After being gone almost a month, sleeping in our own beds was magical.  Layla is still getting readjusted.  The jet lag was harder for her than I thought it would be.  But we are making it, and we have even had a few nights where she slept all the way through!  I hope that trend continues.

8 months old!

Mini Santa!

New Year's Eve dinner

Mama G and Biggi, D's sister


Getting some Papa love


Christoph taking pictures

Oma and Opa G getting into it

The aftermath

Happy 2013!

Opa and Oma G

The original Grammatikii

So, our little Zwerg, you are nine months today!  You love to laugh, and clap.  To dance and 'go crazy'.  You love Cheerios and blueberries, and anything that Mama and Papa have on their plates.  You aren't crawling, and don't seem very interested although you love to stand up and are working on hanging on your tummy.  We started Gymboree this week!  You loved the bubbles, and seeing the other kids.  I can't wait to go back and have more fun!  You are too long for most nine month clothes, but some we can still fit you in.  :)  So we are already sporting twelve month stuff, and some of that is too short!  Tomorrow is your nine month check up.  I can't wait to see how tall you are.  You are definitely your Papa's girl. You love when he comes home from work.  You laugh and clap and flail!  You like to swing and you love wind.  And right now, Mama can't be too far away without you being sad.  (I hope you grow out of that soon.)  You are the best Layla in the world, and we love you so much!


  1. Awwwwwwwww!! 9 MONTHS...Seems like yesterday she was born! Glad to hear she liked Gymboree :) xxx


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