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10 months and 9 days

I missed the ten month mark last weekend!'s ten months and nine days.  Close enough


-She is crawling!  Like, straight up, all over the place, finding everything I wish she wouldn't crawling.  Our house was not prepared, and it's still not.  We are slowly making progress.  Until then she will have to learn not to smack her head on the coffee table, and not to yank any wine bottles down on her face.

 - She blows kisses and says thank you!  We have been working on thank you for awhile, and she just couldn't get the hang of it.  But last week she finally got how to blow kisses, and thank you came right after that.  It's essentially the same thing, but works! :)

- Eating is still a battle.  Some days she can't get enough, and I can't come up with enough to feed her.  The next day she throws everything on the floor.  I am pretty sure this is just preparing me for teen life.

- I have no idea how big or how tall she is.  Twelve month pa…