Monday, December 19, 2011

24 hours and counting

That's right, we leave tomorrow! We are both frantically trying to finish things up at work before we head out for the next 14 days.

I just wanted to give a quick update on our appointment last Friday! Everything is looking super duper. I am 24 weeks along, and Gretel is growing and growing. At the next appointment in January I get to do the awesome glucose test. BLECH! That nasty fruit punch goo is already chilling in our fridge. I am not looking forward to chugging it. But the good news is that same day we will be doing the 3D sonogram, so be ready for the first clear pics of the little Grammatikii's face! We can't wait.

Looks like we might get some snow in Stuttgart, so hopefully we will have a white Christmas. It is one of my favorite things this time of year. And I am looking forward to experiencing all the traditions of D's family.

We went ahead and did our Christmas early so we didn't have to try and pack presents or lug them all over the place. D got off easy this year...I was with him when we picked out my new purse and diaper bag. :) I got him a new PC. Well, I hoarded cash so that he could build his own PC. (Joint checking accounts can be tricky.) He spent all day planning, comparing, and pricing. It was exactly what I was hoping for. Last night my extended family was gracious enough to do our Christmas eve tradition early. So we still got fabulous food, a huge cookie tray, and to join in the gift exchange. We will do our Christmas morning stuff when my bro and sis in law get in town in January. So excited for them to visit! And Elizabeth will be here for my baby shower. So fun!

Such a happy Christmas already, and so much more to celebrate! Next post will be from Germany!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's almost Christmas!

I really really really love Christmas. Everything about Christmas. Trees, music, lights, Jesus, snow, cold, lattes, fam time, gift giving, and on and on. I love our little house when Christmas explodes in it. I try to maintain so that you can still walk through the place, but it's CHRISTMAS TIME! So that means music is playing all the time, the garland lights are on, so are the two trees. Yes, two trees. The big one in the front room, and a little one in the TV room. When D first bought the house in 2007, and we had the first Christmas tree for some reason we named it Jimmy. All subsequent trees have been Jimmy the second, and so on. This year it's Jimmy the Fifth aka FUNF (funf is five in German). This is Funf.
Even though we are only going to be in town for another week, I still wanted to get a tree and get it decorated. It helps with the Christmas sprit!

After this last trip to ATL, I came down with a fab cold. I had a little one last week, and after this crazy weekend everything caught up to me. By the time we were getting on the plane to head home, I was done. I thankfully spent the day at home yesterday, catching up on sleep and emails from the comfort of my bed. It was a much needed day of recouperation. I am not 100% today, but I do feel human again. I miss the joys of NyQuil, and the glorious sleep it brings. I hope Gretel likes the Mucinex and orange juice that I have been downing.

One week from today, we will be heading to Germany. I am so so excited. Mostly because the Christmas markets look AMAZING, but also because I miss D's fam. We haven't seen them since February. I know he is really looking forward to being home for the holidays. He hasn't been there for Christmas in six years, and he is so anxious. We are going to ONE MORE Kocher+Beck Christmas party. We were invited to the one that is in Stuttgart while Lars (D's boss and the owner of the company) was in town. So, the final and third shin dig will be the day that we get in. Just enough time to scarf some pretzels, take a nap, and get pretty for the party.

We might spend a few days in Vienna to have a break from the fam, and just have some alone time. If we do that, we will be back in Stuttgart for New Year's Eve with D's parents and a few more days with them before we head home.

Then we are HOME. I am really looking forward to it. This last trip really took it out of me. I don't rebound like I used to with Gretel around. And then I will only have two months of work left! That is crazy. It's really going quickly, and I feel like there are still a lot of things for me to organize and get ready before I go. It will all happen though.

Our next doctor appointment is Friday. Hopefully, it's just the regular old check up and Gretel and I are just fine. I will be scheduling our 3D sonogram then too. I can't wait to see her little face! Be on the look out for more pics of Christmas, and hopefully a few from Germany.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beachy beachy beach beach

It. Was. Glorious.

85, sunshiny,and blue sky for miles. We sat under little huts, drank cold delish juicy things (well, D had beer and CocoLocos), and just enjoyed the nothingness.

We had put off a few things we needed to talk about specifically for vacation time, and we both really appreciated the time to chat and stare at the waves while doing so. We got started on the great baby name discussion. We made some progress, started a list, and had fun trying to come up with things. It was even more entertaining since we forgot the baby name book my cousin had let us borrow, and so we were trying to Google all sorts of stuff.

I thought I would be disappointed that I couldn't partake in any of the true all-inclusive joys...well, really just the booze. But D managed to cover that for me, and all the juice was so FRESH it was nice to just drink those. Although, the waiters really had a hard time grasping that I didn't want ANY alcohol in my beverages. I kept pointing at my belly - BABY = NO ALCOHOL. It seemed to take a couple of tries, and D became my official taste-tester. I am happy I like juice now because I certainly was not a fan before being pregnant. So Gretel likes all things sweet. It's her thing.

And no, Gretel is not her name. But Newton sounded too boyish after I was so insistent that she was one. My brother made a joke about Gretel, and it stuck. That's all we call her. And D got to feel her kick for the first time while we
were there! We were enjoying some of the fabulous entertainment...AKA the Michael Jackson Tribute Show, the Match Game, the Stars Show (with appearances by Cher, Usher, Elvis, etc) and the Domincan Show. All of these included lip syncing and back up dancers. The Dominican Show was actually a lot of fun. It was a lot of traditional dances, and all of their dancers really knew what they were doing. The music was LOUD and super upbeat, and Gretel was busting a move. Before that all of her ninja kicks were too small for D to feel on the outside. However, she was really grooving to the Dominican music, and was flailing up a storm. He was so excited! I was too. I felt bad every time I told him she was kicking, and he would try to feel it, but it was just too small. She made sure to give him a solid high five, and he was ecstatic.

I think we have a few more photos on our camera, but we haven't had a chance to upload them yet. And even in all of those, I think we only have one picture of the two of us that D took himself using his phone. We are cool like that.

We came home to 35 degrees and pouring rain. Thanks, Kansas. The next day we had the first of D's company Christmas parties, and Sunday we worked on getting Christmas up at our house. Look for pictures soon! He heads back to ATL tomorrow, and I will meet him there Friday afternoon for the second Christmas party. All of this traveling seemed like a good idea a few months ago, but the rounder I get the less exciting it is. That being said, we are both really looking forward to Germany. Two weeks from today we will be on our way. He is so excited to see his family, and for me to experience my first Christmas there. Although, after our flights this last trip, we upgraded our seats for our long flight from DC to London. By the end of our last flight on Friday, my back was done with planes. And it was not a long flight. So hopefully the extra space and comfier seats will help.

Pictures of Christmas at Casa de Grammatikii will be up soon!