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Every week...

That's right.  We go to the doctor every week now!  Just got back from our appointment this week, and our doc informed us that we are now at that stage.  It's crazy to think we are there already!  We are all happy and healthy though.  Well, I would be happier if Princess Long Legs would remove her giant hoof from my ribs, but other than that we are peachy.  Her heartbeat is right on target, and my blood pressure is literally perfect.  So let's hope we keep that up!

We have made some great progress on her room.  This will be the last sneak peek before it's all done. I say that like it's some big surprise, but really I am just trying to be suspenseful for myself and give us a deadline of some sort!  We need to get one more piece of furniture, and we are waiting for our uber glider and ottoman to be shipped.  Then I can FINALLY wash everything, and get it all put away.  

This last weekend we took a childbirth prep class at the hospital.  It was SO educational.  While I …

33 weeks!

Today, I am officially in the 8th month of pregnancy.  I can't believe we are so far along already!  Here we are...

It really just seems to keep flying by.  I only have 15 days of work left, and 49 until Gretel's supposed arrival.  Although, as you can see by the wall in the picture, we are making fabulous progress on her nursery!  Everything is painted, and this weekend my brother and D got the carpet almost completely done.  Casey tried to help, but really she just wanted to lay in the sun.  She is doing a good job of holding the carpet pad in place.
But the final product looks great!  We could not have gotten more lucky with the paint colors and the carpet colors.  We kind of picked stuff from memory hoping it would all work out, and it looks awesome!  
D has to head back to ATL tomorrow, but next weekend they will finish getting all the trim in and then it's time for FURNITURE!  I have been waiting and waiting so that I can finally wash all of her things and get them put …

2 months to go!

Well, holy crap.  We are down to only two months until Gretel's guesstimated arrival!  I can't believe it. I feel like I was just in my first trimester, feeling nauseous, and thinking it would never end.  But here we are...31 weeks in, and the end is in sight!

Our neighbors had their little girl last week, and she was about 3 weeks early.  This sent D and I in a bit of a tailspin...we are NOT ready for her to be here yet!  We did finally make some progress on the nursery. It's empty, and I think we figured out our paint colors.  This week/weekend we will be painting.  The carpet is also in, so we just need to go pick it up.  Our house is COVERED in baby paraphernalia.  I mean, COVERED.  The front room is somewhat organized in bins, but the coffee table has disappeared.  So has the dining room table. And it's a good thing we don't have guests anytime soon since you can't even get to the bed in the guest room.  YIKES.  I am excited to keep moving forward so tha…