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Four months, one day

I missed Layla's four month birthday!  Well, it was only yesterday.  And there was a lot of drool and crying and flailing and fever and an absent Papa and on and on and on.  Slimer (as she will be known as from now on) is getting teeth.  How do we know?  
A) Her drool factor has quadrupled.   2) She chews on her hands as if I never feed her. iii) My typically happy midget is a ball of fuss. Z) I am now afraid of nursing as she occasionally chomps things which should not be chomped.
The really big reason is at her four month appointment the other day her doctor said, 'Yup, I feel bumps on her gums.'  Slightly annoying since I had been trying to feel them for awhile.  I will chalk it up to the fact that it's my first kid and I don't have a medical degree.  But whatever.  The rest of her appointment was a dream. She is 25 1/8 inches long...meaning we only fit in six month clothes now.  She weighed 14.4 lbs...meaning she could still fit in three month clothes if she w…