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15 months!

I can't believe it's already time for another month birthday.  I think I write that every time, but it goes by so fast!  We went to the doctor yesterday, and she is on the same track she has been.  32 inches tall (90%) and not quite 23 lbs (50%). She grew one inch in two months.  I knew something was up when all of a sudden her shoes stopped fitting, and capri pants turned into shorts too quickly.  She also had to get three shots.  It should have only been two, but since we are leaving the country again, she had to get another MMR.  That's the third one of those.  Apparently, the one before she was 12 months 'didn't count.'  We had a sad night last night.  She ate pizza, and sat on the couch and cried.  It was so sad.

She is still just the best little person.  She says uh oh and wow.  She knows what a cow, a dog, and a cat says.  We went to a farm this last weekend, and she got to feed and pet cows and horses.  She became fast friends with a giant German Shepa…