Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was WAY OFF!!! It's a GIRL!!

We were watching the monitor, and the tech was telling us about how everything looked, and that it was going to be a few minutes before we got to the good part. She needed to take measurements, and check stuff out. Then in the middle of it, when we weren't expecting anything, she goes 'Oh, it's a girl!'

Um....awkward silence. Well, not really awkward. I was crying, and staring at Daniel's face. And then I started laughing. He just kept asking over and over again if she was sure. I just kept laughing! I couldn't believe it. It did NOT seem real at all. Then the tech kept showing us that the important boy part was missing. :) It was too too funny. D could NOT believe it all. She printed us out pictures (we will post more later). She is waving hi!

When we finally saw the doctor, it still hadn't set in. D is concerned for our financial well being and the amount of CRAP he is going to buy this little girl. He was just sitting in the chair dumbfounded while I was making calls and texting. We went to lunch after our appointment, and the whole time we were both shocked. I think we are still shocked. This little thing had us fooled the whole time. I like her already.

The other important news...she is happy and healthy! Everything looks great. She is right in the middle of her weight and height, so no giant just yet. The blood work from our tests all came back negative. So we are just moving right along.

Now we get to start the fun stuff! Registering, deciding names, getting the nursery ready, and on and on and on!


T minus 3 hours till the Newton makes the big reveal!

I slept way more than I thought I would last night. D, of course, was snoring like crazy and mumbling in German. He is excited too. :)

Keep your eyes and ears ready! I will post here later, but only after we have had a chance to spread the news to our family first. I am sure some of you will be getting text messages because I hate waiting, especially when I have good news to share!

Pray for an active Newton, and a clear picture!

Monday, November 7, 2011

9 days and counting

Only 9 more days till we find out if the Newton is a she or a he! I feel like this next week is going to drag by. D is back in ATL, and I am forcing myself into a week of no plans. We have been going, going, going recently, and yesterday it caught up with me. I spent the afternoon on the couch napping, and not feeling so hot.

Without fail, when D leaves town, I pack my week full of friend time and things to do and blah blah blah. This week will be different. I have one night where I need to be out and about, but I have been able to move everything to that one night. I am ready to catch up on my book club book, get back to my ten hours of sleep, and try to clean up some of the disaster that is our house. With the windows still in the process of being finished, it's quite the scene. Sheets are still over some furniture, most rooms don't have curtains up, stuff has been moved/piled wherever there is space, and there is a never ending film of sawdust all over the place. I make little bits of progress, then it just gets dirty again. At this point, I want it just to be livable. I will do a serious clean when it's all done. I am not wasting my time and energy.

Hopefully, that will make this week move along at a decent pace. Next Wednesday seems so close and so far at the same time. But I am ready to find out/prove that I am right! :) And we need to start planning the nursery stuff, registering, and getting ready for the little him or her. After going to my cousin-who-is-somehow-my-cousin's shower this weekend, and seeing all the precious little things she got for her girl on the way, I am so pumped! So many cute, little people things. I can't wait!

Continuing the countdown, we are only 18 days away from our glorious beach vacation. The colder it gets here, the more we are looking forward to it! Even me, and I like winter. So while I look out on the gloomy day with all the leaves falling, I will just keep this in mind.

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