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Hello, 2013!

Yeah, I am almost a month late.  Oh well.

So, 2013, here we are.  There are a lot of things happening this year.  I think less than last year.  Our last quarter of 2012 was insane.  I am happy to NOT have that travel schedule in our future.  Still, I think we will stay busy.  You might ask, with what?  Or you might not care.  Either way, with this stuff.

Layla will turn one!  I can't believe I even just typed that.  It's really really hard to comprehend that she will be a YEAR OLD.  In the last few weeks, she has gotten pretty mobile.  She isn't crawling yet, but she has learned how to get to her knees, and sit back down, how to pull up in her crib (the mattress was moved last night), and how to scoot around on hardwood floors.  She's pretty proud of herself, and it's stinking cute.  When I walked in the other morning to discover her standing in her crib, she was just waving and smiling and cackling.  So this week we are starting to make our house baby proof.  We…

9 months...already??

It's hard to believe that Layla is nine months old today!  In the craziness of our last few months, I missed her eight month birthday and post.  I will try to catch up.  Beware.

December was a blur.  Three Christmas parties, a week in Atlanta, and then two and a half weeks in Germany.  On Layla's eight month birthday, we were frantically trying to pack up our house to take with us on our journey.  For those of you with little ones, you know traveling changes drastically when you start hauling them with you.  But it's their stuff...ALL OF THE STUFF...that is just ridiculous.  So we folded, shoved, crammed, smashed and stuffed what we could.  Clothes, diapers, toys, wipes, food, snacks, shoes, a car seat and base, pack'n'play, stroller, stroller cover thingy, and who knows what else.  D and I managed to bring some clothes too.  Although, I am not sure how.  Anyway, we did it.  A week in Atlanta, another hotel, a Christmas party, and then two and a half fabulous week…