Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And we're off!

Today it begins.  Layla and I are off to Baltimore to hang with our favorite East Coasters, Uncle J and Aunt E.  Fortunately, they made it through the craziness of Sandy with minimal problems, and even though BWI was closed for the last two days they are open today!  So we are on our way.

I thought road tripping with a 5 month old was ridiculous.  Flying with an almost 7 month old is proving to be even more so.  Toys, high chair, jumpy thing, food, diapers, blah blah blah and all for two and half weeks. I keep taking stuff out of the suitcase and putting it back in. It's quite the game of Tetris.  I just hope I win.

Even though it seems like insanity right now, I am so excited to be going.  Last time we went to Baltimore she was only three and a half months old.  She was just starting to sit up, and pay attention to things.  Now she is so fun and active, and a big ball of busy.  She gives high fives now!  And she thinks she is a RIOT when she does.  She is going to LOVE playing with J and E, and their doggies. I am sure it will be hilarious.  Be prepared for a stupid amount of pictures.

So we are off to the land of crab cakes, and my brother's fabulous cooking.  I was informed that tonight's dinner is clam chowder and cheddar biscuits.  I love that guy.  After a wonderful weekend with them, we will head to Atlanta to be with D for two weeks before heading back home.  I am sad to miss the start of the holiday season at home, and to postpone decorating for awhile.  But I am looking forward to the beautiful fall weather in the south.

Here is the tiny traveler! (genuine Parisian beret courtesy of Kate)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dancing Queen

Layla dances now.  It's HILARIOUS.  If you wiggle your head and dance around, she will do it back to you.  Often, she does it while she is eating.  The whole time she is sitting at the table she is squirming and wagging her head.  It's hard not to laugh the whole time, and try to get her to sit still.  One of my brothers used to hum while he ate.  It was  family joke that we knew the food was good if he was humming.  I guess with Layla it will be if she is dancing.  I am going to try to catch this on video.  She has a sixth sense and knows when I get the phone or camera out, and she instantly stops.

She is really getting in to eating solid food though.  She loves sweet potatoes and mangoes.  Every time I try to give her green beans she stares at me, then sticks her tongue out till the food falls off.  Too funny.  She is judging me for her food choices already.  :)  We make sure she sits and eats with us at each meal so she gets the idea.  However, she stares at our food and then at hers like 'What is this weird stuff I am eating? How come your stuff smells so good?'

I am so excited that next week L and I are going to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  Last time we were there, she was just starting to kind of sit up and pay attention to things.  Now she will really love seeing their dogs, and playing with J and E.  I can't wait for it!

Yesterday, while shopping for a friend's baby shower, I came across this tiny bit of joy. I couldn't pass it up! Layla now has her first recliner.  It kills me, it's so freaking cute.  I sat her in it but she was cranky.  Today I will try again.  She will love it!

The Zwerg is awake so it's time for breakfast.  Here is a pic to go!  Carrot beard!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Six months and beyond

5 months
I am sucking at blogging these days.  I had committed to myself that I would keep up, and at least blog once a month for those following us from afar and so I remember when everything happens.  When I made that commitment, I did not have a child.  With fresh eyes seeing the world from less sleep and 20 minutes here and there of time to use both hands, I am trying again. It's important to me. So this will be long as I try to catch up.  Sorry.

For her five month birthday, Layla spent it in her car seat for eight hours on the way to Chicago.  D had a big convention for work, and I decided to tag along.  For a number of reasons, mainly to be with him.  And because I love Chicago. Who doesn't?  I was unprepared for that week and had some unrealistic expectations.  D was working 12-14 hour days, and Layla and I were left to our a hotel room.  She had a rough time sleeping which meant so did we.  D was up at the crack of dawn, and not back till it was time for a super late dinner.  It's one thing to have those days at home.  It's another to have them in a confined space with no helpers around.  I quickly (once again) appreciated my stock of family and friends here who help to keep me sane.  Then I got sick.  A nice bout of dehydration caused by yours truly.  Then D got sick with a fabulous head cold thanks to his insane week.  Then Layla got it.  By Friday, I was convinced we needed to spend an extra night in Chicago just so everyone could recover.  However, D woke up ready to go, and we powered home.  I was grateful to be home.

We had five days at home, and then D's parents got here!  For two weeks, Layla was spoiled like never before.  Well, so were we.  My MIL showed up ready to cook and clean, and Papa G worked in the yard and walked Layla probably three times a day.  It was so amazing to have them here.  They had only met Layla via Skype up till now, and they were so so happy to see her in person and get to hold her.  We had such a great time of meals, shopping, chatting, time with my family and our friends.  We specifically waited to do Layla's baptism until they were here, and I am so happy we did. It was so special for them to be here for it.  They went home much too soon.  Thank goodness we will see them in just nine weeks!
Wearing the family Christening gown - it's 60 years old
Singing with Papa

Wednesday Layla was six months old!  It has gone so fast.  I didn't believe it when everyone told us how fast it would go before she was born. Now it's just unbelievable.  I didn't do a good job of writing down her milestones, but I will try to remember them.  She has been sitting up unassisted for four weeks; ever since we got back from Chicago.  She has been standing with some help for about three weeks.  She stills hates being on her stomach so I have a feeling crawling will be skipped.  She is eating solid foods!  We started while D's parents were here.  She started with rice cereal, avocados and bananas.  None of these were a big hit.  We switched to oatmeal and she LOVES it. Now she has squash, peaches, apples, sweet potatoes and more.  I spent a couple hours the other day making food.  It was so easy and inexpensive.  I am excited to find more stuff for her to try.  She makes HILARIOUS faces.  Her first taste of rice cereal was fab.  She stared at us and then had a full body shiver.  She loves MumMums and teething biscuits.  Yesterday she tried a sippy cup with water.  She loved it but couldn't get over the distraction of a new cup.

6 months!
At her doctor's visit on Wednesday, she was 26.5 inches and 16 lbs 5 oz.  Her weight has dropped a little, but she GREW A TOOTH.  Her interest in food comes and goes depending on how her teeth are doing.  She is working on three it should be a fun month for us.  I suspected she was on the long side, and sure enough, she was.  We skipped right over six month onesies for the most part.  There are a couple that are super stretchy and I can make them fit.  But trying to yank them down to snap them was dumb.  Into the Too Small tub they went.  She also endured four shots while we were there.  I can't stand them. I really can't. I hate having to watch her little face while I hold her and she gets stabbed. And she had two extras this time: a flu shot and an MMR. It's early for both but with all the traveling we have coming up, and leaving the country it was the best choice.  She was a sad little elf after.

Bananas - yuck!
Upside to solid foods?  SLEEP.  Last night she slept for 6.5 hours, and I put her back down after she had a snack and she is still asleep.  It's been almost three hours this time.  I, of course, still wake up every two hours but I am getting better about that.  We are mastering nap time!  Up until now she was bad at it unless someone was holding her.  She would sleep for HOURS if someone held her.  If I laid her down, wide awake and angry about it.  But we did some crying (both of us) and we have it mostly figured out.  Thank the Lord.  Mommy needed some down time that didn't involve driving her around in her seat.

The downside?  Poop.  So much poop.  Oatmeal is probably the worst culprit.  But wow.  That kid can poop.  Enough said.

So here we are.  Six months in, and still going.  I love my kid.  LOVE MY KID. She is so unbelievably awesome.  She is so much of me and D, and still so much of herself.  She laughs and smiles, she loves when her Papa comes home, we sing and dance, and she already loves Christmas music.  Duh.  She is a busy little thing, but she is self contained.  She is content to sit and play.  Of course, as long as I am still in view.  We are working on some separation anxiety.  But she is so magical.  I am blessed to be able to stay home with her and watch her grow.  If I am honest, I don't love every second of it.  But I love all the other seconds, and I wouldn't change a thing.  She is our Zwerg, and she is the most.
My adorable child

Our next few months are insane.  We are home for a couple weeks, then D heads to ATL, a few days later L and I head to Baltimore, then we meet D in ATL and are there till the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We are home for 2.5 weeks and then it's back to ATL for a week, then on to Germany for almost three weeks.  We won't be home till after the New Year.  I am so excited for all of our trips. Even ATL.  We can do it, and it will be fun!  And of course, Layla's first Christmas.  I'm already preparing.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks!  And I vow, once again, to keep up with this blogging business.

Reading with Papa

Drinking the bath water

The original Grammatikii


Louisburg Cider Mill

Meeting a pumpkin for the first time

Watching football with Papa and Uncle

Making Maultaschen with Oma G

Oma G!

Pretty lady

Pretty Greeks

Oma and me
Oma G, Katsy and me

Oma and Grammie
The whole Grammatikii family