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And we're off!

Today it begins.  Layla and I are off to Baltimore to hang with our favorite East Coasters, Uncle J and Aunt E.  Fortunately, they made it through the craziness of Sandy with minimal problems, and even though BWI was closed for the last two days they are open today!  So we are on our way.

I thought road tripping with a 5 month old was ridiculous.  Flying with an almost 7 month old is proving to be even more so.  Toys, high chair, jumpy thing, food, diapers, blah blah blah and all for two and half weeks. I keep taking stuff out of the suitcase and putting it back in. It's quite the game of Tetris.  I just hope I win.

Even though it seems like insanity right now, I am so excited to be going.  Last time we went to Baltimore she was only three and a half months old.  She was just starting to sit up, and pay attention to things.  Now she is so fun and active, and a big ball of busy.  She gives high fives now!  And she thinks she is a RIOT when she does.  She is going to LOVE playing w…

Dancing Queen

Layla dances now.  It's HILARIOUS.  If you wiggle your head and dance around, she will do it back to you.  Often, she does it while she is eating.  The whole time she is sitting at the table she is squirming and wagging her head.  It's hard not to laugh the whole time, and try to get her to sit still.  One of my brothers used to hum while he ate.  It was  family joke that we knew the food was good if he was humming.  I guess with Layla it will be if she is dancing.  I am going to try to catch this on video.  She has a sixth sense and knows when I get the phone or camera out, and she instantly stops.

She is really getting in to eating solid food though.  She loves sweet potatoes and mangoes.  Every time I try to give her green beans she stares at me, then sticks her tongue out till the food falls off.  Too funny.  She is judging me for her food choices already.  :)  We make sure she sits and eats with us at each meal so she gets the idea.  However, she stares at our food and …

Six months and beyond

I am sucking at blogging these days.  I had committed to myself that I would keep up, and at least blog once a month for those following us from afar and so I remember when everything happens.  When I made that commitment, I did not have a child.  With fresh eyes seeing the world from less sleep and 20 minutes here and there of time to use both hands, I am trying again. It's important to me. So this will be long as I try to catch up.  Sorry.

For her five month birthday, Layla spent it in her car seat for eight hours on the way to Chicago.  D had a big convention for work, and I decided to tag along.  For a number of reasons, mainly to be with him.  And because I love Chicago. Who doesn't?  I was unprepared for that week and had some unrealistic expectations.  D was working 12-14 hour days, and Layla and I were left to our a hotel room.  She had a rough time sleeping which meant so did we.  D was up at the crack of dawn, and not back till it was time for a su…