Dancing Queen

Layla dances now.  It's HILARIOUS.  If you wiggle your head and dance around, she will do it back to you.  Often, she does it while she is eating.  The whole time she is sitting at the table she is squirming and wagging her head.  It's hard not to laugh the whole time, and try to get her to sit still.  One of my brothers used to hum while he ate.  It was  family joke that we knew the food was good if he was humming.  I guess with Layla it will be if she is dancing.  I am going to try to catch this on video.  She has a sixth sense and knows when I get the phone or camera out, and she instantly stops.

She is really getting in to eating solid food though.  She loves sweet potatoes and mangoes.  Every time I try to give her green beans she stares at me, then sticks her tongue out till the food falls off.  Too funny.  She is judging me for her food choices already.  :)  We make sure she sits and eats with us at each meal so she gets the idea.  However, she stares at our food and then at hers like 'What is this weird stuff I am eating? How come your stuff smells so good?'

I am so excited that next week L and I are going to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  Last time we were there, she was just starting to kind of sit up and pay attention to things.  Now she will really love seeing their dogs, and playing with J and E.  I can't wait for it!

Yesterday, while shopping for a friend's baby shower, I came across this tiny bit of joy. I couldn't pass it up! Layla now has her first recliner.  It kills me, it's so freaking cute.  I sat her in it but she was cranky.  Today I will try again.  She will love it!

The Zwerg is awake so it's time for breakfast.  Here is a pic to go!  Carrot beard!


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