The Nagel's

This is not about me or Gretel.  She isn't here yet.

This is about my friends Matt, Molly and Harper Nagel. Over the past 3 years they have been through some horrendous shit.  Sorry, there just isn't a better word.  Last year it all culminated with losing their adoption battle for their daughter, and having to give her up after loving her for two and a half years.

Yesterday, Matt suffered a massive stroke at the age of 35.  His condition isn't great.  More info can be found at his Caring Bridge link below.  Please, please pray for them.  In whatever capacity that might be.  It's hard to understand 'why' this morning, I got to wake up next to my husband, and feel him pat our unborn daughter and enjoy our quiet time this morning.  But Molly hasn't slept.  I doubt she has eaten much or left her husbands side while he lays in the hospital or spent time with Harper during all of this.  I spent time this morning trying to understand.  In the end, I can't.  And I can't question where is God in all of this.  He is there, with Matt, with Molly, with Harper, with the doctors and nurses, and everyone who will be around them in the coming days, weeks and months.  If I was supposed to understand it, I would.  I don't, and so I will just have faith that somewhere in there God is present.  I don't know how, after all of this, Molly is still breathing but she is.  God love her...


  1. Well said. I find myself without words to explain what I am feeling for them.


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