Her father's daughter

Today was our 3D sonogram, glucose test, and 28 week check up. I have been dreading the glucose test mainly because the nasty drink has been sitting in our fridge for a month so every time I open the door, there it is. However, it wasn't AS bad as I was expecting. Think super syrupy sugary Kool-Aid. I lived, and even though I had a different nurse take my blood this time, she did a good job. Only one poke. Let's hope we can continue that trend. I should hear back from the doc in a couple of days, but there is no reason to think we will have any problems.

Our doc says everything is looking good. Heartbeat is right where it should be, my blood pressure was perfect, and even though I have gained weight after our fabulous holiday time I am still down 7 lbs from when I started. So...everything is great!

However...she is her father's daughter. When it came time for the 3D sonogram, she was tapped out! She would not be bother to move, and she had one hand in front of her face the whole time. Then she had a foot up there, like she was sucking on her toes. No matter how much we poked and prodded, she would not budge. She stuck her tongue out a few times, and I think she might have given us the finger at least once. Needless to say, she gets that stubborn side from her dad. :) We did get a few decent profiles. Here is a good one!

And now we go to the doctor every two weeks. I can't believe we are to that point already!

This weekend is my first shower, and I am so excited. I know it will be tons of fun, and I can't wait to have so many people back together again!


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