16 Week Appointment

Just a quick update!

We had our 16 week appointment today. The Little Newton is just cruising right along. I was a little concerned when our doc was looking for his (I still maintain it's a HIM) heartbeat. The last time she did, she didn't have to look at all! This time he was hiding in the back corner, and didn't want to be bothered. She searched him out though, and there it was. WHOMPWHOMPWHOMP. Everything is looking super duper.

We did choose to go ahead and do the non-invasive Down's Syndrome screening. It's just some blood work that does some basic testing. We should find out those results next week. I do have to put in a good word for Nurse Blood Drawer. Typically, I HATE getting my blood drawn. I have chubby arms and deep veins. I always ask them to please just skip trying my arms and go straight to my hands. It's just easier (and less painful) that way. They don't really listen, and end up sticking each arm a couple of times. Eventually, they go to my hand. I look nice and beat up by the time we are all through. Nurse Blood Drawer at my doctor's office is a MAGICIAN. Every time I have had to give, she sticks me ONCE in the same spot, and I am done in about three minutes. Seriously, it's magical. Like unicorns.

So...the big REVEAL appointment is Friday, November 18! D has to be in ATL that week or else I would have liked to keep our typical Wednesday spot. However, he is insistent on being there. I can't wait to know for SURE we are having a boy. (hint, hint little Newton) Then we can start planning, painting, registering, buying clothes, etc. All the fun stuff!

Here is a quick shot from the weddings weekend. My beautiful friend Jess, me, and a tiny shot of the Newton.


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