Three years later...

So, last week I celebrated my third anniversary with AGENDA: Kansas City. I took this job to get away from the pit of crap that was my banking career. (Read as - going nowhere fast.) I was ready for a break from the routine that I had known for seven years. I stumbled across this company while searching for jobs in event management. An office management position was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and praise the Lord I got it.

This job has been changing every day since I have been here. It's a running joke in the office that there is not enough paper in the world on which to print my job description. IT person, accountant, therapist, babysitter, iPod tutor, web designer, and the list goes on and on. For the first year, it was just office management. And it was exactly what I needed. Now it's project management, and I really enjoy it. And I am fortunate to get paid well for the random assignments I have. My boss is nuts, the hospitality industry is a gossiping mess, and my co-workers are hilarious. I got REALLY lucky when I found this place. Now if only I could work full weeks...

Fortunately, the German puts up with my crazy ramblings about this place. Most of the time it's random weirdness. Sometimes it's whining. On the whole, it's just telling the crazy stories that happen day to day. And no matter what, it is 1000 miles from the crap hole I was in 3 years ago. So, happy anniversary to me!


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